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Our program is released! Download your pdf copy here.

Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaker is Ben Gray, publisher, author, missions coordinator and pastor.

Judy Rogers is in charge of fun and prizes and may even be wielding the shepherd’s crook (the one that yanks you off the stage if your book promotion has gone on too long!) this year.



Adele Jones and Rebekah Robinson will be leading us in song and worship.


Rochelle Stephens.png

Rochelle Stephens of Wombat Books and Rhiza Press will be there and we encourage you to make an appointment to discuss your manuscript.

Upskilling + the Secret Sauce

Nola Passmore, Lynne Stringer and Belinda Pollard will share secrets of editing.

Rose Dee, Michelle Dennis Evans and Rochelle Stephens are going to discuss the extremes of ‘edgy’ fiction.

Michael Schaefer, Jo Wanmer and Ingrid Dacker will look at writing about traumatic events.

Kirsten Hart, Nola Passmore and Adele Jones will offer tips on overcoming writer’s block.

Brad Smith and Beck Robinson will offer guidance on how to self-publish through IngramSpark.

Donita Bundy and Belinda Pollard will show you how to shape your characters.

Jenny O’Hagan and others will be discussing the ins and outs of world-building in speculative fiction.

Anne Hamilton will be leading a session where we’ll be praying for each other’s visions and will be running the bookstall.

Ruth Bonetti will be leading the charge when it comes to the book launches.

And much more.

All subject to change, of course!

Register here to attend!

If you would like to preorder Palette of Grace,  you can secure your copy by emailing the address below!

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